Friday, February 24, 2006

Dravid on Ganguly

"The team cannot have two strong characters. Correction, the team cannot have three strong characters. It's hard enough handling Greg. Handling Greg and Sourav would be too much to expect from any Captain. Ganguly's time has come and gone. Now, it's my time. Sorry Sourav, you're too strong, too passionate, too influential and too big a man to have in my team. This is my team and I'd like to do it my way. When you were in charge, I was gentlemanly enough let you do it your way. Unfortunately, now that I am in charge, you're not the kind of guy whjo'll let me do it my way. You're just a crazy motherfucker who doesn't know how to control your passion. It's why there is no place for you in my team. Sadly. Right Greg?"

Friday, February 17, 2006

Sania Mirza on her next target

"How much more money can I make out of auctioning myself on E-bay? Am I doing as well as Posh Spice? Whom should I pick to be my David Beckam? And yes, I'll try to play some good tennis. Maybe."

Micheal Vaughan on the upcoming series against India

"I can't think of one decent, newsworthy, interesting thing to say so I'll state the obvious and say that we're here to do well. Umm...where's everybody?"

Flintoff on the upcoming series against India


Flintoff on Pietersen